Grand Prix 2017 - 2018


1: As per previous years, points will be given for the order of race position, however to make things fairer your finishing times will be age adjusted. This will give the more mature members of the club a chance to compete more fairly.

For example, a 60 year old male runner will have an age factor of 0.8043, so if he runs an actual time for a 10k of 50 minutes his age adjusted time will be 40.12; points for finishing will be based on this time. The actual age grading factors will be calculated using the WMA 2010 Road Age Standards. (Separate grading factors will be applied for the men and women)

The age used for the calculations will be your age this year (2017).

2: Points will be awarded as follows - 1st = 10points, 2nd = 9points, etc. 10th place onwards will be awarded 1pt.

3: As usual there are 6 distances with multiple options per distance. Please note: there is the odd clash of dates, but with the road running calendar getting ever busier it's almost unavoidable hence I have offered extra alternatives!

There is *NO* requirement to complete all the distances, your best effort at each distance will be used when calculating your points. Completing more than one race at each distance improves your chances of forcing the opposition to be left with fewer points!

4: As we're a running club, 5 bonus points will be awarded if you complete any marathon during the Grand Prix season (April 1st -> March 31st)

5: Cross country once again features. These races are all in the South Essex CC League. Dates will be confimed later in the year. There will be 2 bonus points for each additional XC race you complete!

6: Pitsea vests/technical tops should be worn at all times, however, if you're fundraising charity vests are permissible. Runners caught breaking the rules will be docked 3 points!

7: Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to both male and female runners.

8: Finally, you must be a FIRST claim member to take part.

Distance Race Date Website/Details Download Results
5k Crown to Crown Any month - -   -  
5k Decathlon Harlow 5k
FREE (but must have a Decathlon card)
Sunday 4th June 2017 -   -  
5miles Bluebell 5 Sunday 14th May 2017 -   -  
5miles Kirste 5 Sunday 23rd July 2017 -   -  
5miles Wix 5 Sunday 15th October 2017 -   -  
10k Stansted 10k Sunday 11th June 2017 -   -  
10k Steeple Bumpstead 10k Sunday 18th June 2017 -   -  
10k Southend 10k Sunday 1st October 2017 -   -  
10miles Stebbing 10 TBA -   -  
10miles Tiptree 10 Sunday 8th October 2017 -   -  
10miles Great South Run - Portsmouth Sunday 22nd October 2017 -   -  
Half Pleshey Half Sunday 24th September 2017 -   -  
Half Southend Half Sunday 9th July 2017 -   -  
Half Maldon Half Sunday 24th September 2017 -   -  
XC Any South Essex League race TBA See main XC pages for details... -   -